Privacy Policy

This privacy policy intends to inform the users of this website about the type, scope and the purpose of the collection of personal data by the operator of this website. The operator of this website values your privacy and treats your personal data confidentially and according to legal regulations. Because of new technologies and the ongoing development of this website, this privacy policy might change in the future to adapt to these updates. We therefore recommend that you visit and read this privacy policy regularly.

Access logs

We, the operator of this website, collect, based on our legitimate interest, data about the access to this website and save them in so called "Server log files" on the server of this website. The following data might be logged: * Which website was visited * Date and time of the access * The amount of data sent, in bytes * An optional referrer including information from what site you might be redirected to this website * The used browser * The used operating system * The IP address with which the access was made We save these log files for security reasons, e.g. in order to investigate abuse. Given data needs to be saved for a long term, e.g. as evidence, we do not delete them as long as the case is still pending.


This website uses so-called "cookies". Cookies are small text files and do not harm your device. Cookies might be saved temporary, until your session with the website ends ("session cookies"), or permanently ("permanent cookies") on your device. Session cookies are automatically deleted after your visit of the website. Permanent cookies are saved on your device until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them automatically. When using third party services on this website, the third-party company might save additional cookies on your device when you open the service (third-party cookies). They make it possible to offer additional services, such as processing a payment). Several cookies we use are technically needed to provide the functionality of this website (e.g. a donation process). Others might be used to track the usage of this website. Technically required cookies, which are needed to provide this website or specific features of it, or cookies that are needed to optimise this website, are required and in the interest of the website operator. You can configure your browser, that you get informed when a cookie is set on your device. You can also configure it so you have to approve each cookie, prohibit the save of cookies generally or in specific cases or that your browser deletes cookies whenever you close it. If you choose to disable cookies complete, this website may not function correctly. Given this website uses other cookies from third-parties, you will be informed about this at another point within this privacy policy.

CFTools Cloud

The website operator provides services and perks for donators, which use a third-party service to fulfill them, CFTools Cloud. CFTools Cloud is a server management system, which provides the priority queue slot functionality. In order for this website to be able to redeem perks of a package, which includes a priority queue slot as a perk, the following personal data will be shared with CFTools Cloud in order to setup your priority queue slot: * Your Steam ID * Additional metadata of the donation (like the donation ID, the PayPal Order and Transaction ID, as well as the date and time when the transaction was made) These data is necessary in order to fulfill the functionality of this website, and are in the interest of this website operator and the donator. You can find additional information about how this data is saved and processed by CFTools Cloud:

Personal data

The website operator collects, processes and transfers your personal data only, if it is within the legal regulations and required to provide the functionality of this website. Personal data are all information, which can be used to identify you as a person or which can be used to traced back to you - e.g. your Discord oder Steam User ID, your name or e-mail address.


The website operator saves and processes the following personal data: * Discord User ID * Steam User ID * PayPal transaction data


The website operator collects and processes this data in order to provide the donate functionality itself. Additionally, this data is required to grant perks to donators (like priority queue on a specific game server, or to assign a discord role to the donator).


In order to fulfill the functionality of this website, some personal data might be shared with third-party services. The website tries to ensure that only the minimum set of data is transferred to the third-party and only if absolutely necessary. Example cases could be: * In order to grant a priority queue slot on a game server as a perk of a donation, your Steam ID needs to be shared with a third-party system * To assign a discord role to show the appreciation of your donation within the website operators community, your Discord ID needs to be shared with the Discord service


This website offers to process payments using the payment processor PayPal. We do this to offer an efficient, seamless and secure payment method. In this context, we forward the following data to PayPal, given they are required to fulfill the payment: * Discord User ID (in order to match the payment back to the donator) * Steam User ID (in order to match the payment back to the donator) Processing the data mentioned in this section is neither required by law, nor by any contract. Without the transmission of these data, we can not offer to process a payment with PayPal. PayPal may, for different services such as the payment using a debit charge, carry out a credit check to ensure your solvency. This is of legitimate interest of PayPal and serves to fulfill a contract. For that, your data may be transferred to credit agencies. The website operator has no influence on this process and are only receive the result of it, if the payment can be made. For more information about this you can find in the privacy policy of PayPal: